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A New Pursuit of Engineering Design: VG2448 Display Launched by ViewSonic

Recently, the American ViewSonic has launched VG2448, a VG color series display. With a smooth appearance and adjustable display, it's ergonomically designed and enables users to use it in different viewing conditions. Its 23.8-inch panel and 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution present an HD color screen. Its ergonomic design helps enhance users' experience. 

VG2448 Display Launched by ViewSonic

In terms of appearance, VG2448 is equipped with an ergonomically multifunctional lifting rotation base, which can be vertically rotated 90 degrees, horizontally rotated 60 degrees, and lifted 0-130mm to achieve the transverse and longitudinal transition, thus reducing the rolling operation when browsing. It can be adjusted within angles from -5 to 40 degrees, different from that of the ViewSonic ordinary -5~20 degrees angle machine so that users can conveniently adjust the display mode and image proportion according to their own needs. The visual angle can be up to 40 degrees. Even standing and discussing in the office, users can also watch the display, which has enhanced the viewing experience and met their different needs in a variety of scenarios. 

A portable handle is added to the top of the bracket, making it easier for users to carry. A bracket position is reserved on the back bracket to hang MiniPC to create a clean office environment and facilitate the movement of the whole machine in the working area. In addition, VG2448 is equipped with 23.8 inch IPS, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 178-degree visual angle, and SuperClear function, so that the restored colors are believed to be the accurate color with low color shifting, showing exquisite visual and color images for users.

In addition, VG2448 has the flicker-free non-flash function with the third generation filter blue function and DC voltage to control the backlight. VG2448 also has many interfaces of VGA/DisplayPort/HDMI/USB, providing convenient access to different gaming and video output devices. 
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