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Hybrid Push Pull amplifier module employing GaAs dice 74022PC. Hot offer brand new 74022PC with low cost from distributors.

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74022PC Push Pull Amplifier IC Chips
Push-pull amplifier:
It is a power amplifier with a pair of transistors of similar parameters alternating between the positive and the negative two and a half cycles of the signal in the form of a push-pull.

In order to obtain the required output power, the circuit must select the triode with sufficient power consumption, the working current of the amplifier tube and the collector voltage are also high. The first consideration in circuit design is how to give full play to the triode function without damaging the triode. Because the power amplifier in the circuit often works close to the limit value, the power amplifier should be adjusted and used carefully.

Taking energy consumption into consideration, the power amplifier output power is supplied by the power eventually, such as radio amplifier power consumption accounts for two-thirds of the whole machine, so be very attentive to improve the efficiency of circuit, namely the ratio of the output power and power consumption power.

The input signal of the amplifier circuit has been enlarged at several levels, and it has sufficient strength, which will make the operating point of the amplifier move significantly. Therefore, the power amplifier circuit is required to have a large dynamic range. If the work point of the amplifier is not chosen properly, the output will be badly distorted.
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