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5503GM Specification:
Part No  5503GM
Brand  Standard
Type  Electronic components
Temperature characteristics  -45 °C - 125 °C
Date Code  Newest
Lead Free Status  PB Free
Price  Please contact our sales
Delivery Time  2 working days
MOQ  1 Pieces
Warranty  360 days

Original new Transistors 5503GM chips

The transistor is a solid semiconductor device with various functions such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage stabilization and signal modulation. As a variable current switch, the transistor can control the output current based on the input voltage. Unlike ordinary mechanical switches (such as Relay and switch), transistors use the electric signal to control their opening and closing, and the switching speed can be very fast, and the switching speed in the laboratory can reach up to 100GHz.

In strict sense, the transistor refers to all the single components based on semiconductor materials, including diodes, triode, field effect tubes and thyristor, etc. There are two main types of transistors: bipolar transistor (BJT) and FET (FET).
There are three poles of transistors which as are Emitter (Emitter), Base (Base) and Collector (Collector) composed of n-type and p-type.The three poles of field effect transistor are Source, Gate and Drain.

A transistor is a semiconductor device widely used in amplifier or electronic control switch. Transistors are the basic building blocks for standard operating of computers, mobile phones, and all other modern electronic circuits.
Because of its fast response speed and high accuracy, transistors can be used in a variety of digital and analog functions, including amplification, switching, voltage stabilization, signal modulation and oscillator.Transistors can be individually packaged or in a very small area that can hold a portion of a 100 million or more transistor integrated circuit.

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