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Part Number 30F131
Description IC Type Integrated Circuit 30F131 (Electronic Component)
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IC chips are electronic components including a silicon substrate, at least one circuit, a fixed seal ring, a ground ring and at least one protective ring.

IC chips structure:
The integrated circuit is formed on a silicon substrate and the circuit has at least one output/input pad. The fixed seal ring is formed on the silicon substrate and surrounds the circuit and the output/input pad. The ground ring is formed between the silicon substrate and the output/input pad and is connected to the fixed seal ring. The protective ring is set on the silicon substrate and is connected to the fixed seal ring by surrounding the output/input pad.

There are so many ways to name a chip, it's usually letters + Numbers + letters. The letters in front are short for a chip maker or a chip line. Like MC, most of them are MOTOROLA, and MAX is mostly American. The middle number is the functional model, like MC7805 and LM7805, you can see from 7805 that their functions are output 5V, but the manufacturer is different. The letters in the back are mostly encapsulated information, depending on the information provided by the manufacturer to know what the letter represents.

Digital chip 74 series and 40 (14), and the microcomputer namely analog circuit pills (such as home appliance applications) and normal (LM324) and high speed amplifier. Of course NE555 and LM339 is common integrated circuit chips.

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