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2SC1969 is a silicon NPN epitaxial planar type transistor designed for RF power amplifiers on HF band mobile radio applications.

Brand Name Original Brand
Type Drive IC
Model Number 2SC1969
Package SMD/DIP
D/C 2015
Brief Description : 2SC1969
Condition: Brand New With Original Manufacturer
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2SC1969 IC Chips

What are the main types of rf amplifiers?

1) classification by working band
According to the working band classification, it can be divided into narrowband rf power amplifier and broadband rf power amplifier. Narrow-band rf power amplifiers generally use selective frequency networks as load circuits, such as LC resonant circuits.The broadband rf power amplifier does not use the selective frequency network as the load circuit, but the transmission line with wide frequency response as the load.

2) classification by network matching properties
According to the nature of the network matching, the power amplifier can be divided into non-resonant power amplifier and resonant power amplifier. The matching network of non-resonant power amplifier is non-resonant system, such as high frequency transformer, transmission line transformer and other non-resonant system, and its load property presents pure resistance. The matching network of resonant power amplifier is a resonant system. Its load properties are reactive.

3) classification by current conduction angle
According to the current conduction angle, the rf power amplifier can be divided into class A,  class AB, class B, class C, class D, class E and so on.
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