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2018 Global Display Panel Supply and Demand Tight

Global display panel supply and demand tight in 2017-2018, large size of super HD development momentum fast.

Witsview's latest research shows that global LCD TV deliveries about 220 million units in 2016, annual growth rate of 1.9%, the estimated 2017 global LCD TV deliveries to 225 million units, annual growth rate of 2.5%. Analysis report shows that large size panel market with "large size, high-definition" as the trend, small and medium-sized panel market to "technology diversification" as a trend, and constantly lead the display technology and product development and innovation.

Large size panel with strong demand
With the increase of consumers' demand for display terminals, the display technology is changing rapidly, and the time of product update iteration is getting shorter. Display product large size and ultra-high definition of the trend in the television market performance is particularly prominent.

The small size panel has a steady rise.
With the smart phone, wearable equipment, car display, AR/VR and other flexible display of electronic products, rapid development and popularization of small and medium-sized products market shows strong demand situation, is expected to 2017 development trend will be stable in the rise.

According to IHS data, the small size of supply and demand ratio overall, compared to the same period in the third quarter of 2016 tend to be tight, supply and demand ratio of about 41.1%. The fourth quarter of 2016 continued to be tight, compared to the third quarter of the supply and demand ratio fell 1%, 2017 supply and demand in 2016 decreased by 1.3%, helping the panel factory profit space further promotion.

OLED market potential is strong
With AMOLED technology as the representative of high-performance new display technology in the display performance, thin, flexible, such as performance advantages, is speeding into the smart phone, wearable equipment, car display, AR/VR and other market segments, the market is broad, optimistic outlook.

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