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Original new 151007 integrated circuit special offer IC electronic component.

An integrated circuit is a microelectronic device or component. It adopts a certain process to interconnect the transistor, resistor in a circuit, capacitance and inductance and components and wiring together on a small piece or a few small piece of semiconductor wafer or medium substrate, and then encapsulated in a tube and shell inside. It is a micro structure with required circuit function. All of these components are structurally integrated, making electronic components a big step towards miniaturization, low power consumption, intelligence and high reliability. It is represented by the letter IC in the circuit. Most of today's semiconductor industry uses silicon-based integrated circuits.
151007 IC chips

The role of integrated circuits:
1. Reduce the use of components. With the birth of integrated circuits, small scale integrated circuits have greatly reduced the number of content components and greatly improved the technology of the scattered components.
2. Improved product performance. All the components are assembled together, which not only reduces the interference of external electrical signals, but also improves the circuit design as well as the operation speed.
3. More convenient application. A function corresponding to a circuit. In future applications, you can choose integrated circuits according what function you wants, thus greatly facilitate the application.

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