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PCB Board Foundation - The Experience On 15 High-Speed PCB Wiring Helps You Reduce Mistakes

1. Connect the line above 3 points and try to make the line pass each point orderly. The lines should be as short as possible shorter to facilitate testing.
2. Try not to set the line between the pins, especially the integrated circuit pins and their surroundings.
3. The lines between different layers should not be parallel to avoid real capacitance.
4. The wiring should be as straight as possible or from 45-degree angles to avoid electromagnetic radiation.
5. Ground wire and power line are at least 10-15 mil long (for the logic circuit).
6. Try to connect the earth wire to increase the earth contacting area. The lines should be as neat as possible.
7. Put components evenly for easy installation, plug-in, and welding. The text should be put in the current character layer with reasonable positions. Pay attention to its orientation and avoid it being covered to facilitate the production.
8. Consider the structure of component positions. The patch parts with a positive and a negative electrode should be finally labeled after sealing and packaging to avoid the spatial disorder.
9. Currently, the printed board can be used for 4-5mil wiring, but it is usually made for welding disks which have 6mil line width, 8mil line distance, and 12/20mil pad. When wiring, you should consider the influence of input current.
10. The functional block elements should be kept together and the elements should not be kept close near LCD such as ZEBRA.
11. The hole should be coated with green oil (set to the negative double value).
12. It is the best not to place the welding pan or leave excessive space beneath the battery seat, and the sizes of PAD and VIL should be reasonable.
13. After the wiring is completed, you should carefully check whether each line (including the NETLABLE) is actually connected (the lighting method is available).
14. The oscillator circuit elements should be as close to IC as possible, and the oscillation circuit should be kept away from the antenna as far as possible. Grounding pads should be placed under the crystal vibration.
15. More consideration should be given to putting components by fixing them or emptying space for them and avoiding excessive radiation sources.
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